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About Miles Systems

About Miles Systems

MSM was founded in 2016 to fill a specific need in the world of tile.  That need was for products and solutions involving better materials, better design, and lighter weight tile and design features.  We have a strong corporate belief that the best materials and the best people make the best products. These solutions are all possible by using our unique process and gauged thin tile panels. These “panels” or “slabs” are what set us apart from the rest of the traditional tile world.

The materials that we use are new to the U.S. but are used every day around the world, we put this together with our customers to create solutions that have never been possible before.  We work hands-on in the RV world to bring new products and design options every day.  Our manufacturing division supplies showers and backsplashes to some of the biggest names in that industry. Along with our outstanding customer service and outside the box thinking, we supply cutting edge design on time, every time.

Creativity is big in our world along with our love for these materials, and nothing shows this more than our custom fabrication shop.  Here is where we create one-off furniture and customer solutions in a variety of fields.  If you need something beautiful and well made, this is the place, from table tops, counter tops, desks, custom hand-painted bullnose or anything else the imagination can come up with.

The rubber meets the road from concept to function in MSM installation division.  Here is where we make customers and designers’ visions come true whether in a large commercial setting or in a small residential home, we show quality and craftsmanship across the board.  Our team literally brings the shop to you; meaning that we have and bring with us everything so we can overcome any on-site obstacle as easily as if we were working in our own shop.

This isn’t just a business but it’s a passion for our President and founder Doug Miles.  After an outstanding 40 year career in the tile distribution world, he retired to focus on something that he loved, which remained tile.  It is a personal mission for him to bring large format gauged porcelain thin tile panels to market in as many creative ways as can be imagined. He lives and breathes these philosophies and is eager to take on any new project from anywhere.

Doug Miles

President and CEO of Miles Systems Manufacturing Inc., Doug is hands on in the day-to-day operations of this new company formed in April 2016.  Prior to MSM, he was president and CEO of Miles Distributors Inc. based out of South Bend Indiana.  As a second generation wholesale tile distributor and the 2007 president of the CTDA, his focus has always been on the tile industry as a whole.

In 2014 he was introduced to “thin tile” and his wheels began to turn in regards to new and creative ways to use this material. In December 2016 he formally retired from hands on operations of Miles Distributors, changing titles to chairman of the board, and giving the third generation presidency to peruse thin tile full time.  After moving the company location to be better placed strategically to service the leaders in the RV industry, he has since built a team of the largest number of certified thin tile installers under one roof in the country and expanded his manufacturing division to not only service the RV field, but also produce many other uses for thin tile.  Making thin tile available for the end consumer in their everyday lives is his number one goal.