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Counters and Tables

Counters and Tables

MSM counter tops and table tops are a full replacement system for other materials used today in the residential and commercial kitchen and hospitality world. Our system for the lightest solid porcelain tops on the market can feature a full mitered edge or metal trim to match your décor.

With MSM countertops, you won’t need a large crew for installation; a two person crew can carry our system, at only 2 pounds per square foot depending on material, for installation without a problem. Our system is versatile enough that if dimensions change, this system can be modified with simple tools right on the job site or cut down to perfectly fit any situation.

Created with a water proof substrate of any thickness needed for your application, adhered with our state of the art lamination process, and also featuring color matching epoxy seams, we can build anything you create. With literally thousands of tile color to choose from, there is no limit to the design.

Depending on the scope of your project, MSM table tops can be shipped anywhere in the United States with the materials needed for installation to replace and/or freshen up an existing table.  Simple instructions can walk anyone through applying our tops over your existing surface for a whole new look.