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Thin Tile Installation

Thin Tile Installation – MSM has a division of its company dedicated to nothing but large format gauged tile installation. At MSM, we employ the largest amount of certified thin tile installers for one company in the country. Willing and able to travel anywhere in the country for installation, training, or consulting, our team will arrive on your job site or at your facility with all tools and materials needed for the job.  Our skilled tile technicians will quickly and professionally install or oversee the installation of these large format thin tiles, giving training and guidance along the way.

MSM has an advantage with our unique positioning in the market giving us access to nearly any material or product on the market for thin gauged tile.  Our extensive use of these products gives us a unique install perspective to solve nearly any situation or condition on any job large or small.


MSM’s simple yet effective wall and floor panel system can be used in standalone applications or in conjunction with our other products.  Simple and quick to install, and durable as any other product you could use, MSM panels will change the outcome of your project only for the better. Our systems cut countless man hours and add nothing but quality to your project.  We are sure that once you try MSM panel systems, you will continue to in the future.

MSM can take any thin tile either supplied by the customer or chosen form our distribution network. We have access to almost every brand on the market today which gives your project endless design options. After we fuse your large gauged thin tile selection with our patent pending process to light weight water proof board, you will receive “Panels” that are easy to handle and install. This process we have created makes the installation of thin tile easy without any of the specialized equipment and tools traditionally necessary for these materials.